Welcome To Nuclear Media

More than just a magazine publisher, Nuclear Media & Publishing also work with companies on all manner of publishing matters from ad design, to print and distribution of products. At Nuclear Media we are passionate about the development and growth of our clients. We look at our client’s business as if it were our own therefore taking care to gain an intimate and comprehensive understanding of your goals and objectives. Nuclear Media is constantly building and looking for new opportunities and has a ‘can do’ team that is full of both creative flair and business know-how. Nuclear Media's human resources are immense with people on call who are experts in fields as varied as health, music, travel, film, languages and much, much more. Our staff have worked on some of Australia’s top magazines from Foxtel, TV Week, NW, Cleo, Cosmo and more.

Promotional conception and implementation

Collaboratively procrastinate extensive strategic theme areas via intuitive applications.

Creative strategy and execution

Collaboratively procrastinate extensive strategic theme areas via intuitive applications.

Full studio and art direction services

Globally synthesize premier practices before and after client-centered initiatives.

Print logistics

Credibly morph functionalized portals without the anything client – centric solutions.

What We Can Offer

The entire process: We can take care of an entire publishing job from development of ideas and sourcing of images, through to advertising, print and distribution of the finished product. We always prefer this option as it maximises the control we have over the process and ensures a more seamless production. Subbing, printing and distribution. We can also just take care of subbing, printing and distribution of finished designs if you have your own design team. Printing and distribution: If you have your own publishing team, Nuclear are also happy to just print and distribute magazines. The client need only provide finished high res PDFs. We can offer our services in a number of ways: As a joint venture where we share costs and revenue with our client. As a licensing arrangement where we pay the client to use their brand. As a custom job where we produce the magazine on behalf of a client and offer the client final approval on all layouts.

Why Choose Us?

We’d be your most cost effective option – by a long way! We understand retail, advertising and what your customers want. Our Managing Director, Michael Downs, has worked at Australia’s top publishers over the last decade and has a great understanding of the publishing landscape on all levels. Publishing magazines is our core business and we've all worked on many top circulating magazines at Australia's top publishers. We have a better understanding of this market than other publishers. That includes knowledge of distributors, external advertisers, retailers and readers.

Contact Us

General Enquiries

Nuclear Media & Publishing – Head Office

PO Box 230
Double Bay NSW 1360
Sydney, Australia
Tel: +61 (02) 9363 1464
E: info@nuclear.com.au

Advertising Enquiries

Michael Downs

Managing Director
M: +61 403 117 773
E: mdowns@nuclear.com.au

Natalie Downs

Business Development Manager
E: ndowns@nuclear.com.au

Natasha Amallos

Publisher – Children’s Titles
M: +61 418 117 597
E: namallos@nuclear.com.au

Print Subscription Enquiries (Australia Only)

Tel: +61 (02) 9363 1464
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Want to join the team?

Nuclear Media is currently looking for a talented young sales person to work across two national kids magazines. If you are interested please email your resume to: info@nuclear.com.au.